Let’s Talk Hair Loss











Let’s talk about hair loss 💁‍♂️💁‍♀️

Experiencing hair loss is extremely common among men and women and there are many factors that can cause it. On average, a person will lose 50-100 hairs per DAY. However, if hair is falling out in clumps, you’re noticing circular patches of thinning, or simply concerned, it’s time to visit a dermatologist.

1.  Family  History

The most common cause of hair loss happens with aging. This condition, androgenic alopecia, is hereditary. It usually occurs gradually and in predictable patterns.

2. Hormonal Changes & Medical Conditions

A variety of conditions can cause permanent or temporary hair loss. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and thyroid problems. Medical conditions include scalp infections, alopecia areata, which is immune system related, and a hair-pulling disorder called trichotillomania.

3. Medication

Hair loss can be a side effect of certain drugs, such as those used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout and high blood pressure.

4. Stress

Many people experience a general thinning of hair several months after a physical or emotional shock. This type of hair loss is temporary.

5. Hairstyles & Treatments

Excessive hairstyling or hairstyles that pull your hair tight, such as pigtails or cornrows, can cause a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. Hot-oil hair treatments and perms can also cause hair to fall out. If scarring occurs, hair loss could be permanent.

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