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Welcome to Revive Skin Health!

We Are a Skin-Health Clinic Dedicated to Promoting Beautiful Skin Inside and Out!

We Specialize in Laser Procedures, Micro-Needling, Facial Injections, Facials & Chemical Peels.

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We Are Conveniently Located at 1902 Jefferson St Suite 2 Eugene, OR 97405.

When you see yourself in the mirror in the morning, do you find some areas that could use some improvement? You do not have to let time and age chip away at your young looks! Achieve the “you” you want at Revive Skin Health in Eugene, OR. Our state of the art med spa, staffed with highly experienced providers, have a variety of services available! Visit our clinic today for an evaluation to see what services might be right for you. Talk with our professionals one on one, so we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals!

Have wrinkles and other age lines ruined your look? Our med spa has a variety of injections available to help you restore your appearance. We have several popular dermal fillers available that add volume and lift to your face, softening or even erasing those lines. We also have Botox Injections available at our location that helps get rid of those pesky lines and wrinkles around your mouth and forehead. Double chin issues? Ask about a Kybella treatment which is a permanent solution to knocking out those fat cells that just don’t seem to want to go away.

Another skin treatment we have available that will rejuvenate your skin are chemical peels. These specialized treatments will revitalize and rehydrate your skin so it will look its best. We have several types of chemical peels available, including some that will help scrub off dead skin cells leaving you with a new, fresher layer of skin that will help restore your youthful appearance. Come in today and talk with our experts to see which chemical peel would be right for you!

Micro-needling is another service we have available at our med spa. This therapy encourages the new production of collagen, a fundamental building block in healthy skin. Micro-needling is a great way to reduce scars, tighten skin, and reduce the signs of aging. We have the best equipment and the most experienced staff for this procedure, and we have seen great results with our patients. While it will take several treatments to appreciate the full results, it is well worth the process for the outstanding results.

Revive Skin Health is also equipped with medical lasers for a variety of treatments. One of the most popular laser related services we offer is hair removal. We can get rid of unwanted hair from a variety of places, including your face, back, legs, and even your upper lip. We can also use other lasers to remove unwanted skin blemishes. As well as use them to rejuvenate your appearance by removing fine lines and wrinkles.

Revive Skin Health is located at 1902 Jefferson St Suite 2 Eugene, OR 97405. There is parking just behind our building as well as street parking just out front. You can schedule an appointment for any of our services from our experts online today! Do you have additional questions about our services? Call our friendly staff today at (541) 234-8055.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Patient Feedback & Reviews

Loved our experience at Revive Skin Health! Marcia was so great and explained everything. She was super patient and not pushy at all. She has a great sense of humor and made our visit really fun and comfortable, despite…

Med Spa Near Me in Eugene, OR

Holly Leyva

I have been to several places in Eugene to get Botox . Even to Portland often looking for the best results. I think that Marcia is my favorite so far! She has a eye for what looks best and is very educated. As well as educates…

Med Spa Near Me in Eugene, OR

Ivy Barr

I have gone to a few different providers in town and I am glad I found Revive! I have had a few procedures done by Marcia and she has been very helpful understanding my needs. She is very professional and very gentle, I highly…

Med Spa Near Me in Eugene, OR

Dawn Salmeri