Meet our Aestheticians

Madison Powell (Advanced Licensed Aesthetician)

Madi has been a part of the Revive team since October of 2017 after graduating from Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics Institute. Madi loves all things laser and anti-aging. Utilizing her experience in treatments and knowledge of products for optimal skin health.

Ty Anderson (Advanced Licensed Aesthetician)


Ty joined the Revive team in January 2019. She strives to provide each client with excellent care and restorative experience while giving special attention to their personalized needs.

Ty received her basic and advanced training at Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics, where she graduated both programs with honors. Combining her background in interdisciplinary anthropology with esthetics, Ty is deeply interested in how cultural practices and beauty standards influence the health and care of the skin.

When not geeking out over skin science, Ty enjoys dance, her houseplants, video games, and the company of her boyfriend and their three cats.