Cascade VIP Membership

YOU are a VIP!  Enrolling in the Cascade VIP Membership entitles you to the amazing benefits below for only $100 a month.

Why join?  Think of this as an investment in your skincare.  Maybe you like to have Botox every 3 months? By joining for $100 month, you will have $300 in your account for your next Botox appointment (or 3 months of paid membership) AND you’ll receive 10% off! The membership can be used for ANY products or service at our office which you can use any time. See below for other awesome discounts on products or services:

*The small print: 

–There is a $100 membership initiation fee. All clients wishing to become a member must pay a fee to become a member. This fee does not reflect as a credit on your account.

–If membership is cancelled and it is the clients wish to renew the membership, the client must pay another $100 initiation fee only if more than 6 months have passed since membership expired.

–No refunds for memberships, no exceptions.

–Memberships are a minimum of a 90 day term, when signing up, you will be signed up for a 12 month term. If you do not wish to continue your membership after the initial 90 day period, you must call our office to cancel.

–Memberships will be auto-charged to your credit card $100 monthly on the same day of each month and a credit will be placed on the members account. Membership credit can be used at any time and can accumulate monthly.

–Memberships allows you to use your membership credit at any time and also allows a 10% discount on all products and services. Discounts cannot be combined. Discount can be used towards already discounted package pricing. Membership credit can be used to purchase gift cards for others, membership discounts do not transfer to gift cards.

–If we are not able to process your credit card, our office will make an attempt to contact you to update your credit card to process payment. If payment cannot be processed within the initial 90 day period, we will place a hold on your account and we will not provide services until the account balance has been paid in full.

–Membership credit and discounts cannot be used in our dermatology clinic and can only be used at our medical spa.

Consultation required for all services and must be deemed clinically appropriate, with no refunds.

Get that beautiful, healthier skin you've always wanted!

Join Cascade Dermatology and Aesthetics memberships today!

For more information about Revive VIP Membership or to schedule a consultation with our Licensed Aestheticians, our Dermatology Nurse, or our Certified Dermatologist, call our Eugene OR office at (541)-484-3305 ,