PDO Nova Thread Lift

What Is a Thread Lift?

It is a non-surgical way to address problems caused by facial skin laxities, such as jowls and drooping cheeks. Prior to thread lift, the only way to achieve these results was with facelift surgery or injectables. This procedure is a non-invasive facial rejuvenation- call the PDO Nova Thread Lift.

What Are Nova Threads?

NovaThreads is a non-invasive treatment to help loose and sagging skin. A more detailed description is that they are absorbable surgical sutures composed of polydioxanone. These sutures have been used in cardiac surgeries for the past 60 years or more and are the safest materials to be implanted in the body.

Is a Thread Lift Safe?

The thread lift treatment is completely safe. It is approved by the FDA for safety and efficiency. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of treatments have been performed and there are no reports of allergic reactions, sensitivities to the threads, or serious side effects or risks

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare For a Thread Lift?

There are not a lot of special after-care requirements to this treatment. However, you should hold off on any dental treatments for the first two weeks after your PDO thread lift. Holding your mouth open for an excessive period of time can affect the results of your treatment. Moreover, you’ll want to sleep on your back for the first couple of weeks. This ensures you don’t put too much pressure on one side of your face.

This procedure is only performed by our Certified Injection Nurse.

How Long Does Thread Lift last? What Happens After a Thread Lift?

Typically our body starts to break down the sutures after 6-8 weeks. You may see a slight sag at that time, however, our body at 2-3 months stimulates new collagen remodeling. The results will last typically as long as our body takes to break down that collagen, which is usually about 1% per year.

At the 8-12 week mark, we like to have you come back into the clinic for evaluation.

What Is The Downtime After a Thread Lift?

Downtime is determined by the type of PDO Nova threads used. For smooth or twist threads, there is minimal pain post-procedure. You may experience slight pain with extreme expressions, such as laughing. This last typically 3-5 days post-procedure.

For Barbed threads (which is a much longer procedure)- tenderness can be experienced over 1-2 weeks with extreme movements.

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