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Lip Fillers Near Me in Eugene, OR

Revive Skin Health Specializes in Lip Fillers in Eugene, OR. For More Information Call Today (541) 234-8055 or Simply Request Your Appointment Online.

If you are interested in achieving plump, luscious lips, or are looking to reduce the appearance of vertical lines that have appeared as a sign of aging, lip fillers can help. At Revive Skin Health, we specialize in semi-permanent lip fillers that can improve the appearance of your lips by offering subtle lift or delivering dramatic volume. If you are looking for personalized attention at a med spa that can provide you with the lip fillers you need to feel more confident than ever in the Eugene, OR area, Revive Skin Health is the place for you.

How long do lip fillers last?

Hyaluronic acid formulations are the most popular dermal injectables used as lip fillers. On average, these types of fillers will last approximately 4-6 months at a time. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be customized to your specific desires. If you undergo your lip filler procedure and are not satisfied with the results, you can add more volume easily, or even undergo a reversal procedure where a specialized enzyme dissolves the filler. At Revive Skin Health, we want all of our clients to truly love their results and we will work with you to ensure you achieve your best lips ever.

Do I need to do anything special while I recover?

The most common side effect experienced by patients who undergo a lip filler treatment is some swelling or bruising in the treated area. It is important to remember that your lips will look different immediately after your treatment and a few days later as the swelling dissipates. You should make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid strenuous activity for 1-2 days following your injections. You can use ice to help reduce swelling and support your lips as they heal.

Which lip injection product should I choose?

There are a variety of factors that should inform your decision regarding your lip fillers. Some products are better for supporting your lip’s natural structure, while others may provide a more natural-looking results and improve fine lines, and still others can dramatically increase the volume of your lips. Your experienced clinician at Revive Skin Health will provide you with the information you need to make the informed decision that is right for you. We understand that every pair of lips is unique, and you deserve a lip filler treatment that is customized to your needs, so you achieve the look you want and deserve.

Are lip fillers painful?

Of course, any injection will involve some level of discomfort. Lip injections involve penetrating the delicate skin of your lips with a needle, so it is likely that you will experience some pain. If you are concerned about the experience, your provider can use a topical anesthetic cream to help numb your lips prior to your treatment, so you experience less discomfort. In the 1-2 days following your session, you may feel some tenderness as your lips continue to heal.

If you are interested in achieving a more dramatic pout or smoother lips, lip fillers can address all of your concerns. These semi-permanent injectables will have you smiling with more confidence in no time. Contact Revive Skin Health in Eugene, OR to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced clinicians, so you receive personalized care and attention, and the beautiful and youthful lips you desire.

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