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September Special - 15% OFF Retexturing Activator

Whats the hype about?
Hydrafacial is an efficient (done in 30 minutes) three step facial that uses a computerized device to deliver specific treatments, suction, and boosters. Fluid is infused into the skin and is gently suctioned out. It won’t break the bank ($199 or less depending on if you get a package) and you’ll see results right away. Plus, it isn’t painful considering extractions are happening during the entire process. This is a relaxing facial, though it is a medical treatment versus a spa service.

What does it do?
The first step is a gentle peel and cleanse. The second step is the extraction using the vortex shaped head on the tip of the delivery pen. Boosters are added between the second and third step based on your preference, and the final step is antioxidant and hydration.

What are boosters?
They are a lot like the an add shot at your coffee shop or boosts you get added to your smoothie. There are three to choose from: Growth Factor to stimulate collagen, DermaBuilder for wrinkles, and Britenol for dark spots.

Is this ok for acne prone skin?
Oh heck yeah! The tip gently and effectively extracts sebum and dead skin cells. The tip works and the aesthetician can show you all the gunk when your treatment is complete.