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HydraFacial Treatments Near Me Eugene, OR

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The HydraFacial system offers exceptional results for patients with a wide variety of skincare concerns. This incredible treatment can be tailored to your unique needs, providing precise and targeted rejuvenation that will leave you with a more radiant complexion. At Revive Skin Health in Eugene, OR, we are proud to offer our clients this effective facial treatment option.

How many steps are there in a HydraFacial?

During a standard HydraFacial session, your skin will be pampered and revitalized through 4 targeted stages. Using exceptionally formulated serums and proprietary ingredients, your provider can help you achieve clear and glowing skin. Step 1 will deeply exfoliate and gently cleanse your skin. Step 2 delivers a balanced pore cleansing formula that uses salicylic and glycolic acids to provide you with the brightening, anti-aging benefits of a peel without any post-peel scaling. Step 3 offers even deeper targeting of congested pores as a gentle suction process effectively removes dirt and debris from your pores. Step 4 deeply hydrates your renewed skin with an antioxidant- and peptide-rich formula.

What skin concerns is the HydraFacial good for?

Your HydraFacial session can address a wide range of common skin issues. It has been carefully created to provide targeted and effective treatment that can address fine lines, congested pores, oily skin, uneven tone and texture, as well as skin that is dry or dull. The HydraFacial system is designed to help you relax and pamper yourself while delivering truly noticeable results. When you leave our med spa after your HydraFacial appointment, you will enjoy a beautiful, luminous complexion with skin that is pampered and deeply hydrated for a natural glow you are guaranteed to love.

Are there additional services I can add to the 4-step HydraFacial system to improve my results?

At Revive Skin Health, we are totally dedicated to helping our clients achieve the incredible results they want. You can build upon the standard HydraFacial system by choosing an additional treatment step that can offer even more dramatic benefits. Lymphatic drainage, red and blue light therapy, Britenol to address dark spots, ZO Skin Health products to target hyperpigmentation, DermalBuilder to help address aging concerns, and connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) to enhance cell turnover are all available as part of your treatment. Your dedicated treatment provider will discuss your unique concerns and goals and can help you to decide whether an additional step will help you get the most out of your HydraFacial session.

What kind of results can I expect?

Most clients notice immediate hydration and improved radiance. You will enjoy intense moisture and smoother skin for up to a week following your HydraFacial session, and you can expect to improve the appearance of sun damage, texture issues, hyperpigmentation, and oil or congested skin. With repeat treatments every month, you can truly support your skin’s health and well-being and reap the benefits of HydraFacial’s incredible system. We want every person we provide treatment for to achieve the best possible results and our HydraFacial treatments can target your facial concerns and help you feel more confident in your appearance.

If you are interested in booking a HydraFacial at Revive Skin Health in Eugene, OR, contact us today. You deserve to have radiant, hydrated, glowing skin and our highly-trained clinicians can help you achieve your best complexion ever.

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