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Acne Treatment in Eugene, OR

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Acne Treatment in Eugene, OR

Acne is one of the most common aesthetic problems faced by men and women of all ages. Whether you are a teenager struggling with frequent breakouts, or an established professional who suffers with adult acne, the experienced clinicians at Revive Skin Health can help you break the acne cycle and enjoy clear, radiant skin. We know how much acne can affect your sense of self-esteem, so we offer a wide range of treatment options that can deliver the results you deserve.

Acne is a complicated skin disorder. It can range from mild to severe and includes everything from blackheads and closed comedones to painful cysts that can leave indented scars once they are gone. At Revive Skin Health, we believe you should have choices when it comes to treating your acne. No two faces are the same, so we strive to offer you access to everything from gentle exfoliation to intensive resurfacing, making it easier for you to find the skin care treatment you need for your unique needs. We provide our patients with the best acne treatments available in a welcoming med spa environment where they will feel cared for and pampered as they receive the quality acne treatments they need to clear their skin for good.

Regular facials can be an excellent way for people with mild acne to clear their skin and refresh their complexion. We offer a range of customizable acne facials that can offer gentle cleansing, toning, and hydration that can soothe redness and help purge pores of debris. Our chemical exfoliators can remove dull skin from the surface, clearing the way for new cells and helping to clear blocked pores. Our micro peel for acne includes glycolic acid and salicylic acid, two powerful ingredients that work to exfoliate and cleanse in one treatment. Our peels can also help improve rough skin texture and address hyper pigmentation or scars left behind by previous breakouts.

Of course, as some patients already know, appropriate cleansing and exfoliating is not always enough to stop your acne. For many of us, our acne is as persistent as it is resilient. For those seeking a more intensive acne fighting regimen, Revive Skin Health is proud to offer cutting-edge laser treatments that can provide clinically proven results. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is an advanced treatment option that can help reduce acne breakouts as well as address the discoloration caused by previous acne. If you have tried other acne treatments without finding relief, an IPL facial may be the breakthrough procedure you have been looking for. Our experienced providers can create a customized treatment plan that will help your skin look smoother and less inflamed.

If you are tired of struggling to fight your acne on your own, trust the experienced professionals at Revive Skin Health. We offer exceptional acne treatments near you at our convenient location in Eugene, OR. There is no reason for you to suffer through acne alone, let Revive Skin Health help you reveal clearer skin that will have you radiating confidence in no time. Call us today to schedule your skin care consultation and take control of your acne.

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